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🌾In the Wilderness. 🌾

Sometimes we avoid the wilderness because we want to know exactly where we are going, other times we wander there because we have no Idea where to go or what to do. Either way, once there, we know two things 1) temptation + thirstiness is there. 2) God is also there offering directions to flows of living water.

+We all go through dry seasons + rough patches in our life, but it's how we go through them that matters. It's our ability to seek direction to be able to not get lost or stuck in the desert.

+Look at your situation today, if it looks as though you are in dry land, then consider asking for direction. If your waters are flowing, enjoy it + make sure that you are preparing for the dry seasons to come so that they only strengthen you + not break you.

+Comment below 🌊 or 🌾 emoji down below so we can pray for the season your currently in!
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