About us.

Ellie + Abe was started by the owner Jamia Rodriguez officially in 2020. We know, the year that brought us all down in some way, shape or form. Thankfully we were able to stay focus + have faith that 2020 would not be the end of us but the beginning. Jamia has always wanted a way to express herself in a creative form, from fashion to art to dance its always been her goal to create + be free. Then she met Jesus who freed her like she never could have thought before. Now her view looks a lot clearer + her goals a lot sharper. Ellie + Abe is her baby, literally her first two children inspired the name. Her first child, a daughter named Elliana, represents the Women, the girls the strength and personality of it all. Her second child, a son named Abram, represents the Men, the boys, the sweetness + boldness of it all. 


Ellie + Abe is meant for everyone, it is important that the name includes both female and male names. Ellie, is full of joy and loves to worship + that is where the worship part comes in. Abram is super caring + loves to light up others, that is where the encouragement comes in. Without those two + Jesus being able to show his love + kindness to her through them Ellie + Abe would not exist.


Community is a key part of the Kingdom of God. Ellie + Abe doesn’t just want to bring you material things for you to buy + stuff to fill your house. We pride our selves in making an impact big or small through the community that we build here. If you take nothing from our website but a message + a good time we are fulfilling our mission. If we can change your mind  around from sadness to Joy we are fulfilling our mission. If you meet someone who you can chat with + share your experiences together that is our hope. To every person going through something there is a Jesus that you can find comfort in. There is a community to help you experience that comfort + we hope that it is here through Ellie + Abe!